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​Creating a lab form


Creating a Lab Form steps 

To create a lab form, you will need to:

These steps are similar to what happens during a visit with a health care provider. 

We encourage you to read through How it works  and STI testing before you use GetCheckedOnline.

Please contact us if you have any questions about GetCheckedOnline. If you have questions about your sexual health, you can ask us online at SmartSexResource, the BC Centre for Disease Control's sexual health website.

Online Assessment

Assessment Parts 1 and 2 and the Your Tests pages 

You will be asked a number of questions about symptoms, your sexual history, condom use, and sexual partners. There are 14 questions and it usually takes about 5 minutes to answer them.

We encourage you to answer these questions honestly.  Your answers help us to recommend the right tests, information and services that best meet your needs.

Your Tests

After you finish your assessment, you will see a list of tests that are recommended for you. Most tests will be offered to everyone and you can uncheck any tests that you don’t want. You may also be offered some additional information based on how you answered the assessment questions.​

Consent to Testing page 

Before you can create your lab form, you need to give your consent for testing. 

You will be asked to agree to a number of statements. These statements are based on questions that are usually asked by a health care provider during a clinic visit. Because GetCheckedOnline does not require you to see a health provider in person, we need to make sure that you understand and agree to the testing process.

Each of the statements is described in more detail below. You can also contact us if you have any questions about giving your consent to testing.

  • I know that if I am under 19 years old, I can consent to STI testing without my parent or guardian's permission. I can also talk with my parent or guardian if I am unsure about giving consent to testing.
  • I understand I can get more information before I get tested. If I have questions, I can contact the BC Nurse Line (8-1-1 available 24 hours a day) or the BCCDC clinic line (604-707-5603 during business hours), or I can connect with a nurse online at SmartSexResource.
  • I understand that getting tested is voluntary. I can choose not to test or wait till another time to test. If I choose not to get tested, it will not affect my eligibility for health care in the future.
  • I know what STI tests I am getting. I understand that the STI tests require a urine sample for chlamydia and gonorrhea, and a blood sample for syphilis, HIV and hepatitis C. If the test is done too soon, it may not be able to detect the infection and I will need to test again after the ‘window period’ for each STI. I understand that GetCheckedOnline does not offer all of the STI tests I might get if I went to an STI clinic.
  • I understand the benefits of getting tested. Getting STI testing keeps me informed about my sexual health and I can get treated right away if I test positive. It also helps prevent the spread of STIs to my sexual partners.
  • I understand that getting tested may cause worry and anxiety. I understand that I might feel anxious waiting for results, and getting a positive test result may be upsetting. I may be worried about how sexual partners will react. I understand there are places I can go for more information and support if I want it.  In rare cases, there may be problems with my tests and I understand that I may need to retest.
  • I know a nurse will contact me if my test results show I have an STI. A nurse from BCCDC will contact me to explain my test results and options for treatment. The nurse will explain different ways I can confidentially notify sexual partners about the need to get tested.  I understand that all positive test results are reported to public health for follow up and stored in secure health databases.
  • I understand that GetCheckedOnline is similar to, but not the same as seeing a health care provider in person. I understand that there may be times when it is best to visit a health care provider.  I understand that GetCheckedOnline does not test for all STIs, and I can visit a health care provider or a BCCDC STI clinic if I need other STI tests that GetCheckedOnline does not offer.

Your Lab Form

Your lab form is created once you consent to testing. You can bring your lab form into participating LifeLabs locations either on your mobile device or in printed form. You can only have one "active" lab form at a time. If you have created a form, but then make a new one, the new form will replace the old form.

Do not create a new lab form if you have already given your samples and are waiting for your test results. You will not be able to view your results online. 

Once you have created a form and taken it to a LifeLabs location, it cannot be used again. If you want to test again, you need to create a new lab form.

On your mobile device:

You can choose to:

  • Show the lab form in your GetCheckedOnline account at the lab
  • Email yourself the lab form and show the email at the lab
  • Save a PDF of the lab form to your mobile device and show the PDF at the lab​

If you are given a swab kit and decide to self-collect your swab at home, make sure to bring you mobile device when you drop the swab back at LifeLabs. The lab staff will need to scan your lab form again.


Please print both pages of the lab form and bring them with you to the lab.   

You can use a personal printer or find access to a public printer. Libraries are a good place to find printers with internet access. 

What information is on the form?

Your name does not appear on your lab form. Instead, a unique code is assigned to your account and shows on the lab form.  This is called the GetCheckedOnline Client Code.

The GetCheckedOnline Client Code will be used to track your tests through the lab system.  You can find your code at the top of your Account page once you have logged into the GetCheckedOnline website.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Have Questions?

If you can't find answers here, you can ask your questions online at SmartSexResource. A sexual health nurse is available to answer your questions through the website or private chat.

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